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This side serves the colonists in Denmark from 1759 and the further Colonization in Russia from 1765.

It should be shown, like the people at that time from Southern Germany coming to Denmark moved. You didn't find any hold there and assumed the invitation the Czarina Katharina of the big. In Russia, the main-settlement-area was the Wolga once. At the Wolga, the commissioners defined new areas. These should be populated with the new colonists.
Until now, it was assumed by most researchers that directly she from Hesse, Württemberg etc.. came. On these sides, you now find the families, which were in the service of the Danish king previously.
The colonists settled to the area of the Volga from Denmark are presented in the first part. The way led from Lübeck, partially over Danzig, Libau, after St. Petersburg. Here, a camp was up set to the recording and quarantine, Oranienbaum. The further one usually went away over the waterway as far as into the Wolgagebiet. There, the further distribution took place on the settlement-places. Furthermore, colonists appear into other areas here. Because of the low quantity here classified.
The colonists settled after Hirschenhof from Denmark are presented in the second part. Also led away for her after Oranienbaum. There these colonists were chosen and returned into the Baltikum. The Czarina Katharina the big decided, that this property should be filled again in Livland with lives.
The colonists settled after Riebensdorf from Denmark are presented in the third part. Katharina the tallness has ordered a group of 60 families to the area of Ostrogoshsk to settle there.
In the fourth part the colonists settled to Saratowka from Denmark are performed. These were settled like the Hirschenhöfer by contract with the czarina in the northern colonies Saratowka, Kolpina and Srednaja Ragatka.